About Us

Our school is the Technical School for Accountants and Surveyors "G.M.Angioj"of Carbonia .Here is our address:



Via Costituente 59  - 09013 Carbonia (Ca)

http://web.tiscali.it/tecnicoangioj/ tecnicoangioj@tiscali.it

our e.mail : gm.angioy .carbonia@tiscali.it


School Year

2002 /2003

The authors of this site ,from the left:

Coordinators:  Rosa Maria Marongiu, Antonio Orlando(English and French teachers respectively)  

Roberta Aru (external teacher of Advanced editor Programmes and Computer Graphics)                              

The students : Mauro Marongiu and Andrea Siddi    

Ines Sitzia(Natural Science  teacher) 


The students who have attended the course and created the 1st part of this site :  Andrea Siddi and Andrea Siddi and Mauro Marongiu
 The boys of the 5th B Surveyors: Stefano Rosas,  Alberto Frau, Arturo Murgia(translators of some pages -English) The girls of the 5th B Accountants (translators of some pages-Spanish)

School years 2003/2004 and2004/2005


The students:

Enrico Garia (5th A Accountants)

Daniele Martini ( 2th B Surveyors )

Valeria Frongia ,Valentina Spina ,Lorena Orrų

(4th A Accountants)

Federico Stara -3 B Surveyors (some English translations)



The teachers:

Rosa Maria Marongiu(English )

Antonio Orlando(French)

 Renata Anedda (Spanish)

Maria Elena Mameli ( Italian -Sardinian translations)

Roberta Aru (external teacher of Advanced Editor Programmes and Computer Graphics)

Let's thank them with a big hand!

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