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This site has been realized thanks to the school project "Carbonia chiama Mondo",created and directed by Rosa Maria Marongiu e Antonio Orlando.Foreign Language Teachers at theTechnical School for Accountants and Surveyors "G.M.Angioy"of Carbonia(CA), financed by the Autonomic Region of  Sardinia (L.R.31 del 25/6/1984) and by the Municipality of Carbonia


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The Chairmanship for Public Education of the Town of Carbonia. Piazza Roma


The personnel of the  "Cooperativa Lilith",-territorial service for the collection,classification and management of local literature ,in the locals of  Town Library of Carbonia, entrance from Via della Vittoria or from via Napoli ( Villa Sulcis entrance).You can find here  many documents and books about the history ,the land  and minerary sites ofi Carbonia and  Sulcis,images,maps ,  topografic e geologic maps.

 Viale Arsia www.SBIS.it


The " Società Umanitaria" for having provided us with the pubblication of some historic photos of the building of the town.-Via della Vittoria (in the locals of Scuola Media "S.Satta").


The personnel of the Archaeological Museum of Villa Sulcis - Via Napoli -

 e.mail:carbonia@sardinia.net      -TEL 078164044   

 and  the personnel of   the Speleology and Paleontology  Museum "E.A.Martel".

Via Campania- next to Villa Sulcis : e.mail:museovillasulcis@tiscalinet.it     - tel.078164382




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